When was advice EVER free? #Crypto

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Where do you start for advice on when to buy and when to sell? Let’s not make it youtube, Honest opinion if your making so much money, why do you need to video it and add your content to YOUTUBE ?? don’t get me wrong if I need to fix a puncture or need to ability to find my Samsung eco bubble fast wash settings youtube is great but financial advice it isn’t the place. planting the SEED !!!!!

All there doing is planting the idea, they probably own a poor selling stock and need a BUMP, thus OH yeah Neo is a worthwhile investment, what they didn’t say is that they just bought 10k worth and with 5% taking note and diving in, the price rose 4-5% and then they sell there stock. leaving you with 5% loss already.

There is no love and happiness when MONEY is involved, try getting that £20 you lend your mate, so why do you think your getting your 1k 2k investment back with a little bonus.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE, AND TRUST NOBODY EVER.  well except me 🙂 but I’m not giving advice, just being helpful and making a living.

Follow me on youtube 🙂 MrRicey155 I used to earn big money but February my account was given the #YourNotAllowedToMake £60 a year removal #CheersGoogle thus I know use BING search engine 🙂 take that.


Crypto watch it’s all going a bit year 2000

March 9, 2018 Leave a comment

Forgive me if I get the exact dates wrong but all this Crypto currency hype smells a lot like the early 2000 when shares in technology sky rocketed and then #BOOM fell like a stone and never recovered.

I hope I’m wrong being new to the scene it’s got that BUZZ you really want to own some off the future. If your like me your funds are 99% tied up in fixed bonds and let’s be honest I’m no gambler which for the little I do is probably best. you can read bitcoin charts all day long and you probably did make the right MOVE but your still going to get punished. the 5pm frenzy last few days has been fun (if your buying that is) as I type were down 13% on the day (When does a 24/7 day start? can anyone tell me)

I own very little in crypto today 9th March collection there really panini sticker books for adults.

  • Steller XLM  28c
  • Ripple XRP 77c
  • Bitcoin €7017
  • Binance BNB $7.36 (used for trading on it’s own site)

They all talk a good game, let’s hope for a rebuild and a tiny profit in the future, I think were all after NOW rather then steady growth. Volatile crypto is not the word. It’s full on bad beat. ALL IN with ACES and 9-3 takes you down day on day.


Crypto BUZZ a week in the life.

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If you read my guides and info on general computing you are probably asking yourself why is he talking about CRYPTO currency. With most things computer related I was keen to get the knowledge, if a customer ever asks me about anything I need the answer 🙂

These are my views and mine alone!!

People got really lucky last year, when the major players pushed BITCOIN up and up in a very short time, then the BIG loss came and it hit the news 19k to 6.3k approx.

A few weeks back with the bad weather NO golf and on DaddyDayCare duties, I dived into Coinbase, Gdax and Binance exchanges.

Brief and short my thoughts.  all my figures are in euros when talking coinbase trades

  • YouTube is not your friend for investments, it’s all BS stay clear find a proper source.
  • YouTube is great for how to use the system and save on FEE’s
  • Day trading will work but place STOP / Limits on movement
  • Taking small profits and moving up is perfect.
  • Don’t expect the market to be stable 6th/7th March 9600-7600 €2000 swing
  • Gdax is the place to be very SMALL FEE’S FOR TRADES, if you stick with COINBASE IT MIGHT BE TINY £2,99 ETC but every $ € £ counts this is not GAME 
  • when IT CRASHES it is very hard to move #SellIt again place a stop sell.
  • 99% of people lose money at the start, learning the system and not taking the tiny profits before the big boys, crash the stock and it starts again.
  • NO fee option place a LIMIT ORDER at the price you want to PAY, don’t get emotional get a figure stick to it and don’t sit watching it rise and catch the bait.
  • Transfers from Revolut are best as you can convert £ to € with no FEE then move it to coinbase for free
  • Moving money in coinbase is free – Eth has a mining fee (it did when I moved to Binance exchange for alt coins)

Gdax has Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Eth any other coins Binance is OK but a little tricky to work around as no USB or EURO options you use BNB their coin. But like most things a few hours and you should have it cracked.

You get a real buzz using the system and moving funds, just keep your eye on the prize. Don’t panic keep to the PROCESS.

Keep smiling it’s only money if you can’t hold your emotions when losing, invest it in a BANK at 1.9%

I’m currently in for €674 euros with the aim to move to €1000 and build my BANKROLL VIA CLEVER INVESTMENT AND BIT BY BIT STRUCTURE.

making 10k in a month isn’t going to happen to use all, a bit like the lottery. It’s been 25years + and 4 numbers let alone 6 has happened once in all that time. How much have I lost over time???



Android-x86 OS on your PC

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The trusty workhorse Asus S300 with SSD is fine but like most people who love tech. your in need of an upgrade but FREE is far superior to bought.

Your route is going to be Android OS this guy has written a good piece HERE

Get a free giffgaff Sim Blog support

Remix OS install as a guest no issue (binned already, as not supported any longer), but getting it to be a resident on the ASUS has proven a step too far, I’m going to revive the ZOTAC mag mini see if it can work its magic on there. as windows 10 is far to heavy for the zotac .

My next trial is Phoenix OS with the Asus and yes I’m also keeping back 1 of the Chuwi Surbook Minis just to test this Android OS on that also. if it works as well as Remix OS the surbook will be the best dual boot on the market for sure.

Searching around came across this article, talking about the surface 3 not being overly good with windows installed and how X86 had made it the perfect tablet. TBH this is why I was searching about in the first place. the Chuwi works but it just didn’t look right and with Play store being massive and the windows store being dreadful your £230+ device was basically a poor man’s laptop. but no longer with Phoenix OS installed it purrs.





Want £5 free ??? join up GiffGaff mobile

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Time to get rid of that contract and be FREE, if you top up you get GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls for free for 3 months with no goodie bag 🙂 ideal if you just need voice calls.

Click my banner WE both get £5 free and for the 15 person who takes it up I’ll send £10 credit to your account (deal or what)

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Simply top up £10 then buy a goodie bag as and when you choice but turn data off and never call unless its a GIFFGAFF USER OR IT’S 50P CHARGE !!!

Chuwi surbook mini February 2018 delivery

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All sold, you did well the latest deal had added £40 to each device

20% OFF#SAVE £20 ~ WANT IT CHEAP THAN EBAY GET IN TOUCH with a reply to post, happy bidding otherwise.

You fancy a cool looking Microsoft surface 3 tablet but you don’t fancy the outlay and £700 – £1400 is way too much for a tablet come wannabee laptop. your next best option is the chuwi. A stunning well built machine.

Luckily were so impressed with the brand, we’re going to stock and sell these in the UK, Remember we have stock and they’re ready to deliver. small batch has arrived and ready for eBaY.

All the stock comes fully updated and tested, were not letting anything go out, without a days test. The unit will be fully updated with latest windows 10 installed.

seller uk Go on it’s FREE 🙂                               


eBaY Right you can get your hands on the CHUWI on Ebay as from today go HERE

Remember Ebay take £20+ from the final sale, contact me here for a better deal??

battery life

Few tips on entering bios in WINDOWS 10. 

You like to tinker and bios is the first place you look 🙂 with no keyboard you need to go through WINDOWS 10 #VeryEasy follow these steps (it works with most saves, pressing esc or f5 on certain devices)

  • start menu
  • Settings (cog pic)
  • Update & Security
  • Recovery
  • Advanced startup (it will move to CHOOSE AND OPTION)
  • Troubleshoot
  • Advanced options
  • UEFI firmware settings


Please don’t change any settings that you don’t understand, get on google get the knowledge.

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Confusion #GolfSpikes #GolfCleats lol

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Todays random irritation GOLF SPIKES why do they have so many styles to choice from???

Pins, Pivix, Tri-Lock, tour lock yet I always seem to come away after advice from the pro with the wrong spikes BUGGER 🙂  the list is endless but still we have new spikes for the wrong shoe. luckily the shop is only 40 miles away DERRRR

Rant over, hopefully the search engine finds this and saves a poor sole from doing the same 🙂