IS minelend a scam ??

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Still not 100% sure website main interface has been dodgy today and doing a bit more research #BitLate that hey? prestige binary options say it’s a scam but they promote Maximus crypto bot check it HERE  scam xposed backs Minelend but not the othere PBO is promoting. Scam X HERE

So the building exists on the website but can you find the registered name, NOPE so after one withdrawal we will see of what this becomes.

As always invest with the mindset your going to get stung, it happens it’s happened before.

You kick yourself when you find your bitcoin you invested has risen from 5200 to €6999 so there making money on money your likely not to get back.

Stay tuned $96 so far will I get it back ????


more from PBO


FOMO #TheFearOfMissingOut #Crypto

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Early January 2018 I had a goal well a few goals, one is too get my mortgage paid off pretty quickly well quicker than the November 2032 end date. The other was to get my golf handicap down so I could play in the European tour seniors tour #StaysureTour @ 50 only downside is interest rates are pathetic my main investment is in solid fixed bonds with Atom bank. SO you ask FOMO honestly I wanted a higher rate of interest but without the gamble, sadly CRYPTO is a gamble I’m not willing to invest more than 5% of my total savings.

Scam xposed put me onto Minelend and as like most it seems to good to be true, but hey ho let’s invest what we can and be happy (well I’m not) if I lose it. This week I withdraw the interest I’ve made since I started $59 not bad since my $502 2nd investment I’m making $8.12 a day 🙂 on $712 – $2963 a year minus initial deposit (your paid back via the interest your original investment)  OK you ask how will that pay the £73698 you have left on your mortgage and live while your on a break from work. #NoIdea but hey It’s a dream. Investing in alt coins or Bitcoin isn’t going to get you rich anytime soon, whatever they say Bitcoin $250,000 by 2022 etc it’s all fake they need to build the hype to get people to spend again. The whales then take the profit and your back at $6,000 or less and the hype starts again. I hope you make money I really do but be careful.

Right more FOMO lending block initially they had 25k min investment so I didn’t even bother looking at it $0.02 (less for early investors) I came across another youtube video made by Keith Wareing kinda funny and hopefully an honest review maybe just getting paid to get the message out there, I guess when the ICO get’s it money do they care if it fails? I hope so I also hope the larger investors don’t just sell up on day 1 of the coin being added to the exchange.

I joined the telegram group, initially I made one investment just for FOMO reasons $183 but people are pumped on this ICO, so I made a 2nd nothing big time $504 and today it reached it’s 10 million target just before I made a 3rd investment 🙂 #HODL

Pray for growth, pray for your money back first lol and pray the whales want big profit not just pence. something might pay my mortage off, minelend 365% a year might give me a nice return if it’s last more than a year.

Right that’s me not more chart watching for a few weeks (lendingblock is locked down for 7 days) Oh wait I forgot Apollo Currency being pumped by top tech services on youtube who had over 3.9 million Apollo this is 100% going to be dumped soon as it’s launched I own $100 worth as said before just for FOMO reasons.

That’s all folks, fingers crossed as always, remember they will plant the seed and yes we will in the end take it onboard. Build it they will follow.



Not a lot of info about on the google #BitcoinMining #CloudMining #Minelend

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I guess if you don’t take a small risk then how will you know? if it’s too good to be true it normally is RIGHT? if you follow scam xposed on youtube he has some interesting insights into what people are trying and how there conning you out of your cash.

Last week he gave us some great info on Minelend and how to get involved, always sceptical on these scheme’s I wasn’t 100% sure but am I missing out on potentially a solid investment? OK I’m no financial adviser but 365% return on investment is like 363% more than an UK bank in April 2018. your actual return is 265% as you $100 never comes back.

Today I’m reinvesting another $501 and moving up a level to 1.2% interest I’m going to see how it goes and honestly I’ll not invest any more than this as It doesn’t feel fully comfortable.

Have you had any dealings with this type of scheme in the past, good or bad reviews? and genesis mining the later want a minimum $1520 a little too much for a starter plan in my eyes.

starter investment

Plans they offer, if you have any comments please share good or bad. it might just save people investing if things aren’t as they seem????


Gary at Scam X mentioned Matt Childs being his contact, google search gives you nothing on this guy and finding minelend is impossible already, have they already banned crypto on search engines NO.

Verdict on the idea that Bitcoin is low due to everyone releasing funds to pay taxes? so 18th April expect the next boom in bitcoin. US tax date.

Right thats all the waffle I’ve got today, is it worth the RISK? I have solid savings invested in very weak paying bonds, so this is the growth money #Hopefully

All the best


Invest HERE (I’ll share the 10% commision)

To good to be true #Investment ??

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Take a look at Minelend, 2 days in after a small investment $210 daily 1% interest currently sitting with $4.20 – 365% a year but you don’t get your initial deposit back. so $265 profit per $100. worth the risk? I’m in already

What do you think? if interested there’s a referral link HERE I believe it’s 10% happy to share it if you comment here first #Paypal or other

Some Settings are Hidden and Managed by Your Organization

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Let me have access fully to my computer LOL, wtf MS please. If you like me had a nice brand new laptop with windows 8 installed but even tho it was fully legit I had a key that could not be upgraded for FREE. So I jumped in and used the insider program and all was good but around 18 months ago, I got the windows needs activating message.

We found a cure for that via LMGTFY, this time I needed to alter some settings and got the headline message again, it needs fixing this is the best method I found on the GOOGLE, so as always I’m sharing the love. HERE (Like if helps)

WORKED FOR ME 🙂  the joy of free and easy

Installing update error Chuwi Surbook Mini

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This Surface copy is just about perfect for me and the family, one downside is the undoing changes error when installing some updates.

Ongoing work around is to increase the size of the efi system according to the chuwi forum, they say to clone the 16mb partition and move it into windows section.

use Easeus free partition wizard be very careful if your not quiet sure PLEASE !! infact leave it if your not 100%

I couldn’t get EASEUS to expand efi so after making a space forum suggests 400mb I used minitool partition wizard instead to make it bigger.

Hopefully this will cure the windows update issues and we can get a super smooth experience for the surbook mini ( this is a touch screen fix I’m told)

back soon with an update, if only the battery would last like my old Mipad

ITS Crypto

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Looking at something new in the ICO / crypto world, with the downs and downs of the crypto world, I’ve been interested in what’s out there.

Stay tuned if you follow me, stay tuned just about to invest in a new scheme that’s popping up and it’s had a good backing from a solid source. Might be just a way to get a few quid back on the falling BitCoin bubble !