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Installing SOPCAST into ubuntu 14.04 (Spet 2014)

Again not my work just google search and share on the site, these things aren’t easy to find unless you know where to look

excellent work around HERE

not yet fully tried it but loads the application with no issue

original HERE this section is right at the bottom !!!!!!!!

Here is a manual way to install Sopcast for Ubuntu (14.04):
Download sp-auth.tgz and libstdcpp5.tgz to /tmp from http://www.sopcast.com/download/linux.html .

Download sopcast-player-0.8.5.tar.gz to /tmp from https://code.google.com/p/sopcast-player/downloads/list 

Install the missing libs:
$ cd /tmp
$ tar -zxvf libstdcpp5.tgz
$ sudo mv /tmp/usr/bin/libstdc++.so.5.0.1 /usr/bin/
$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/libstdc++.so.5.0.1 /usr/bin/libstdc++.so.5
$ rm -rf /tmp/usr

Install the sopcast backend:
$ tar -zxvf sp-auth.tgz
$ sudo mv /tmp/sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/bin/
$ sudo rm -rf /tmp/sp-auth

Install the sopcast frontend:
$ sudo apt-get install vlc python gettext python-setuptools
$ sudo apt-get install libvlc-dev hicolor-icon-theme python-glade2 python-gobject python-gtk2
$ tar -zxvf sopcast-player-0.8.5.tar.gz
$ cd sopcast-player
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ~; rm -rf /tmp/sopcast-player

Open the Firefox and type about:config
Create a new string with name network.protocol-handler.app.sop and value sopcast-player

Now try to open sop:// link and you will be presented with dialog box where you can search location of sopcast player
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