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Ace Stream – make the most of your BROADBAND connection “free streaming”

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Well BT have annoyed me with there CON on free BT sport and the 12 months contract RUBBISH !!!

So I’m going to give you the heads up on FREE live sport seeing as I’m already paying for it but not allowed to watch it ?????

your on windows you need to go HERE and download they use VLC the best video software in my opininion and trick it up

then make sure you click YES to allow access to the world outside (if you don’t forget it) this is a torrent P2P

go back to the website and check to see if everything works as it should !!!!

then its simple if you use wiziwig you see the acestream link (use FIREFOX) click the link and allow it to launch the program it should load up your stream no issue (if there is a link UP no peers no stream)

any more info – leave a comment !!! I like to make sure people are reading if not no point me spreading the message ????


BT sport #TheCon even if you have BT broadband

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

So you see the adverts and your excited you see out your first 12 months and decide maybe I don’t need Eurosport and discovery so you remove the package.

OK you can use the app for BTsport think again


There’s the answer they yet again suck you into another contract for something they offer as part of the package !!!!

Not really fair 👎 💻

Roll on march 2015 yet another move

Essential free windows 8.1 downloads (my version) 😁

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

As you all know I’ve moved back to windows mainly for the garmin virb overlay software for cycling and what’s been nice is to see my garmin 500 communicate with my laptop again with garmin express  👍

My tip things go wrong especially in this day and age plenty of viruses and mallware to catch you out so keep it minimal !!!!  Back up on a separate HDD every day but don’t leave it connected 💻

So I’m doing free only 👌

1) Garmin virb edit – ideal free software for you cycling videos
     Get your power, speed cadence etc on screen to show your followers

2) Libre office – forget paying for ms office in 2014 no need

3) Popcorn time – A bit like Netflix but free 🐒 top work

4) Kodi (Xbmc) – free live sport / TV / films just the job

5) Windows movie maker – ideal for converting your movies for yOuTube upload
Virb edit uses iPhone mp4 converting files .mov no good 👎

6) Google chrome – never use internet explorer ever !!!

That’s all I need these days the Asus runs fast with no issues, 8.1 has been a present step forward as I’ve always hated the platform.

What next 78 days evaluation left then we move to windows 10 💻

Genesis install on Kodi (xbmc) Windows 8.1 👍 💻

December 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Very easy and plenty of yOuTube guides out there

Here is a good guide http://

Word of warning well more annoying my system jumped straight into the add one already installed but a few clicks on the back button next to home in the right corner.

And install from zip file – popped up (just in case you think its missing 🛀

Genesis is excellent a good addition to kodi 👍

UPDATE Jan 2015 i use genesis for everything these days, latest TV programs and films

you need the Lambda add on repo just for reference

Windows 8.1 update boot loop – fix,cure & error

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Funny things happen I was thinking to myself maybe I was harsh wiping windows 8 OEM off my new Asus S300 after a few weeks. 💻

And after months using various Linux distro’s I popped back and installed 8.1 all was going well TILL last nights shutdown update (cheers ms)

So the boot loop FIX !!! get into recovery etc

Hold shift and power up you get options to work with !!!!

I use safe mode with networking and then head straight for the control panel on start up

As always this is where windows let’s itself down big time, I use the restore point from yesterday “remember all that’s happened is a windows update I’ve installed nothing”


I’m sitting here going through multiple reboots 4 in total I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got a BIOS passkey to input every time so need to watch it lol