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Garmin 1000 free overseas map install 2015

March 30, 2015 Leave a comment

30th March 2015 – need a french map for my trip to Alpe D’Huez in September 2015 so best start early with the planning

get your free Open street maps HERE many thanks to the people who run the site an excellent tool and the bonus its going to save you a fortune !!!

Looking into he device your maps are stored under ACTIVITY PROFILES click race or train then navigation then map and finally map information tab

I guess we all get these maps built in these days for cycling ?? I wasn’t sure ??

  • Intl standard basemap
  • Garmin cycle map EU
  • Edge DEM map EU
  • Garmin GEOCODE EU

Looks like EU maps are pre-installed which is a nice bonus ? seeing as its £34.99 for the French map

If your looking for install guide this is a good read – HERE (Scarlet Fire)


Dashware v Virb edit by garmin (March 2015)

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Bonus DASHWARE LAUNCHED  there free software on the 23rd February 2015, super news having never tried it 🙂 mainly due the purchase of the Shimano camera and them taking it down for a while to new users.

anyway how good is it compared to VIRB EDIT ?? speed and features well I’m going to find out with a quick 6min video test on the same laptop. let one finish it build EG create a video and time the both.

I’ll add dashware is a bonus for us Shimano CM1000 users as you can use the video straight from the camera where as virb edit you need an MP4 converter not a problem WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER (WMM) can do that but its slow !!!

Dashware TEST first use (It can’t be this bad can it ?? ) 5mins46 video with 2 added overlays time to build 1hr11m

Virb Edit same video 29m39s I thought dashware might be the answer to speedier add on’s but doesn’t look the case even with WMM making a .mov a .mp4

Video size: 858,624kbs only

The best speed upgrade available for me SSD upgrade (Asus S300C)

March 24, 2015 Leave a comment

So it arrived today and its flying, the best £81 spent to date on the notebook its made it rapid 🙂 for an i3 I wonder what it would be like in a fast machine ??

Up and downs the Samsung data migration software gave me errors it found the drive but as soon as you pressed the clone button I got (see pic)

So I ended up using Macrium Reflect (free trial) to get me up and running THE CLONE TOOK  1hr 31mins swopped the drives over and BOOM speed 🙂

Very easy to install on the ASUS S300 you only need to remove the back cover to get at everything on the board

Applications load FAST and I’m hoping to test a nice big video save in windows movie maker to see if it cures my SAVING issue (well saves me some time 🙂

Not a lot else to say


Another upside improved battery life, I’ll be telling all my customers that this is the real upgrade required on any computer running a HDD. Its that good 🔌 💻

Essential only apps Windows 10 evaluation (March 2015)

March 23, 2015 Leave a comment

One thing I hate is unwanted programs especially ones I never use taking up space whether there good or bad

My 13 apps needed March 2015 the rest get BINNED

Windows movie maker (not the best but it works for me and what I need PLUS side its free)

Acestream vlc (this is a must but you need firefox to make it work)

Bonjour (this makes the tablet remote work with KODI, no install no remote)

Garmin Virb edit (add the speed/power overlay onto video’s, needed till SHIMANO GET THERE LAUNCHED)

Google Chrome (works for me)

Firefox (needed for Acestream)

Java (needed for some website still 😦

KODI (XBMC media players a bit like netflix but free so better)

Libre office (why pay for MS word or excel when these guys do it free and better ??)

Mediatek drivers for the N speed dongle (no drivers no action/speed)

Quicktime (needed for kodi stuff)

VLC player (acestream is the same really but tweaked for ACESTREAM links)

So that’s my current top 13 programs / apps I need the rest get binned, can’t wait for the new SSD to arrive I hope it so fast it makes the computer sing 🙂

Asus S300C – HDD upgrade to SSD much needed as well

March 22, 2015 Leave a comment

2.38am on Sunday morning and as always I’ve got a tech issue in my head, this time its HDD and how slow its been transferring files from my sd cards to hdd and then making movies with Windows movie maker and then saving them.

If you watch any youtube videos it looks like if you running max ram in your notebook SSD is the next best upgrade especially for large file transfers BUT what do you buy ?? go here for reviews US site but offers good info

The asus looks easy to work on with just the back panel to come off and no major issues with unplugging etc good work ASUS !!!!!

Benchmark SSD speedtests worth a look before you purchase one HERE

Difference between sata 1,2,3 Here

Speed upgrade for your none 5ghz laptop – Asus S300c

March 17, 2015 Leave a comment

First things first technology moves on and so does the understanding, I mess about with my laptop, pc, android tablet a lot but until last week I had no idea that 5ghz was FAST 🙂 my £400 Asus S300c was running BT at around 35mbps and then my contract finished so I moved / upgraded to Virgins 100mb service “excellent”

I didn’t need a phoneline (never use it) and fired it up got a very disappointing 57mbps I fired a few tweets off in frustration my laptop is only 18 months old and runs ok, its not the best spec just a 64bit Core I3 1.4ghz job.

So I got a reply from VM straight away at this time the service was down hey ho day 2 in bad news, but they gave me some tips so I delved deeper and read that its not just the length of signal 2.4ghz / 5ghz but speed also, 5ghz is far superior to 2.4ghz and here’s me thinking it was just for interference only (having a lot of tech on the same frequency)

so I invested £8 in a dongle it just came and I installed it straight way, Mediatek RaLink RT5572N dongle – get your drivers HERE with the new dongle and my phone switched off wifi I managed 92mbps – I get 100mbps with the ethernet connected (but who wants the cord full time 🙂 so 36mbps gained for £8 BARGAIN IN MY WORLD !!


Hope this helped somebody anybody 🙂 leave a comment if it did, always good to get feedback on a post, I’ll be spreading the word to customers new and old.

You can also upgrade the internal WiFi card but its more money, where as this costs nothing plugging it into your USB drive – as always happy to assist anyone who needs help very reasonable rates 👍

Wireless 5ghz signal ASUS S300c notebook & Virgin media

March 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Purchased the 5ghz dongle RaLink RT5572 did the job till I swopped it out for my old internal wifi card found in the loft, always keep your old tech for a bit 🙂

Next project is seeing if I can get it to work on the my new android tv box

My new virgin broadband service started 11th March and having bought the 100mbs service I’m running around 58mbs at present, so I as always I’m trying to grab every last mb from the service, £33.50 a month.

Virgin tell me that I can get the full 152mb service yet I can’t even get 100 so I’m starting to dig into WHY ! today infact as I type I’m digging STAY TUNED !



The WLAN adapter of the S300CA comes from Qualcomm/Atheros (Model AR9485) and belongs to the entry-level category. Only the usual radio standards are supported (802.11b/g/n) and it doesn’t come with the latest high speed version 802.11ac or support for networks in the 5 GHz band. In a short test, we were able to establish a stable connection with excellent reception and a data transfer rate of 150 Mbit/s over a distance of 5 meters and through a wall – a sign that the metal case doesn’t impact negatively on the WLAN reception

So the next option is a 5ghz dongle from ebay around £8 a worthwhile investment as my nexus 5 is running 100mbs and the mipad is 72mbs so the 1 year old laptop is outdated with a POOR WIFI CARD well not poor just not the best option available. #SpeedUp #KeepUp