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Dashware v Virb edit by garmin (March 2015)

Bonus DASHWARE LAUNCHED  there free software on the 23rd February 2015, super news having never tried it 🙂 mainly due the purchase of the Shimano camera and them taking it down for a while to new users.

anyway how good is it compared to VIRB EDIT ?? speed and features well I’m going to find out with a quick 6min video test on the same laptop. let one finish it build EG create a video and time the both.

I’ll add dashware is a bonus for us Shimano CM1000 users as you can use the video straight from the camera where as virb edit you need an MP4 converter not a problem WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER (WMM) can do that but its slow !!!

Dashware TEST first use (It can’t be this bad can it ?? ) 5mins46 video with 2 added overlays time to build 1hr11m

Virb Edit same video 29m39s I thought dashware might be the answer to speedier add on’s but doesn’t look the case even with WMM making a .mov a .mp4

Video size: 858,624kbs only

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