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Been missing projectcypher ? cypher TV

November 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Its back and better than before

ProjectCypher is no more but CypherTV is about google it its pretty smooth, there is also a facebook site – read carefully or expect errors and fails 🙂

other good sports addons available

CCloudTV (hit and miss but free)

DexterTv (been down a lot lately due to funding)

Android free sports tv has never been better and I MEAN QUALITY WISE !!! HD STREAMS THAT ARE SOLID

Worth the investment – every penny saved for a better quality of life !


Windows 10 – MSVCR110.DLL error

November 18, 2015 Leave a comment

You’re here again !! BECAUSE  like me you’re having issues running movie maker and you’re getting the MSVCR110 pop up error and the program doesn’t run ??

It been 2 weeks and I forgot how I cured the issue so back to GOOGLING !

The file if you’ve upgraded from win 7/8 is in windows old copy and place it in the same file location (system wow/ 32 in win 10)

If it’s just a movie maker error like me just repair LIVE windows essentials via programs & features