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Sound bar or sound base on old tv’s #Upgrade

November 1, 2016 Leave a comment

We own a 6 year old LG 37″ lg5000 TV OK it’s not the newest or very flashy but it works, its fairly slim and fits the room just right, anything bigger would be over kill !!

The sound is lousy these days with loads of reverb and bad echo so what’s the option the BIN ?? or a new sound bar to extend the life ??

Sound bars v sound bases !!

Samsung HWJ355 seems to be a decent budget unit but no HDMI option

We ended up buying the HDMI version as which said it was future proof and tbf it sounds just lovely !! Samsung model hw-k450 £179.99 very basey buy lovely clear voice and no more TV distortion 👍 which guide rated it 77%  money well spent in my books 💰💰

Save your old TV even tho those 4ks look amazing !!