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Question? what are you #Hodling ??

June 7, 2018 Leave a comment

Right after putting the disaster behind use and an investment that didn’t make 45 days, I’m going back to solid top 100 coins and doing some #Hodling. I have a very small amount of RIPPLE XRP (top3) and Zilliqa (no24 top 100) I’m a massive fan of NEO and @ $54.50 it’s cheap again, I sold a stake a few months back and wished I’d kept hold luckily it crashed again like most of the cypto. I’m buying back in mainly as it just works so well, have you tried NEO transfers ??? WOW KUcoin exchange even trade in NEO over just buying it and selling for Eth or BTC and with free withdrawals to wallets YOU CAN’T GO WRONG KEEPING IT SAFE.

So what you #Hodling out there?? please share


Interesting outlook and MINELEND has gone!! no surprise there then.

June 5, 2018 Leave a comment

The world is just full of scams and scammers, be safe and don’t be like RUSS and invest in

From WhatsApp/Telegram #2ndhand

This is quite long but interesting

What do you guys think about this? I didn’t write it, got it on whatsapp.

“There is a new Chinese ICO hustle. Instead of having a regular ICO where 60-70% of the coin is sold in ICO/Presale and somewhat widely distributed these coins just have small little ICOs where they sell 5-20%. They then instantly spend 5 million on a Binance listing with the ICO proceeds. This allows them to generate hype and boost the price of the coin rapidly while also creating massive initial liquidity on Binance. Once the coin lists on Binance the devs can unload their supply at 10x what they would have sold for at ICO. Done this way the team can make double the money while only selling half of the coins versus just holding a regular ICO. Plus they get the additional exposure benefits, etc. of Binance. Most respectable ICOs in the past wouldn’t feel right in spending so much money on an exchange listing but now we see it is a savy and cutthroat business decision. IOTEX literally just pulled this exact same move (and look at the post listing dump as the IOTEX team continually dumped the price back under 600 sats)

In QuarkChain’s case they only sold 20% with 16% locked up. That means only 4% of the supply is currently on the market. Yet they are simultaneously listing on many exchanges including Binance. Binance even had to delay listing because of this. Who do you think is going to be selling and providing liquidity once Binance opens up? Of course it will be the QKC team themselves selling most of the tokens. This initial supply constriction also makes it much easier to boost the price of their coin (I mean the devs are literally buying their own coins on IDEX pumping this to the sky) both naturally and through manipulation – look at what happened with Bytecoin and that absurd pump when a small part of the supply was isolated for trading.

QCK is a noname team of Chinese opportunists who saw Zilliqa had a great idea and they blatantly ripped them off while adding exaggerations and embellishments to their white paper (1,000,000 TPS guys!!! but our testnet is only 5 nodes and does 2k TPS). IOTEX is kinda shady but you are FAR BETTER OFF buying IOTEX than this Quarkchain scam.

You have been warned. Anyone telling you otherwise has tiny ICO bags and wants to dump them for max (just look at their telegram and all the people celebrating the money they are about to make dumping on Binance with the devs – noone is thrilled about holding this long term and seeing what happens).

This is the newest ICO hustle”

Back to the heading

it seems Mr Gary Davies push on MINELEND.COM was a scam given to use by SCAM XPOSED himself !!! appreciate that Gary, with 13k viewers or should I say influencers he’s made quiet a bit of referral cash and has gone missing the last few weeks along with the promotional videos he made for MINELEND itself.  Don’t get me wrong I was never really sold that it wasn’t too good to be true. But yet again BITCOIN was struggling along at €5400 and I made a bad call BITCOIN went back up to €8000 and a good old #Hodl would have paid me double my stake !!! I guess this is the beauty of the crypto world.

Anyway 12 working days since the website went down for security upgrades and a 3-5 day downtime, again no contact has been made from the scammers. I might see if the directors have anything to say on the matter on facebook.

Read and #DYOR (do your own research it’s not monopoly)

$540 lost and trying to forget about 😦

Would be great if the people involved could come forward and explain please??


1 pic Desi Ocallaghan FACEBOOK and 3 of Mr Mee. listed as directors of MINLEND

5th Floor The Margolis Building, 37 Turner Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M4 1DW

Hold on tight AGAIN and update

May 23, 2018 Leave a comment

I have loads of ICO’s set up and ready to finish and move to an exchange, not massive investments @$250 a pop Howdoo #TheNextFacebook etc for me it could go either way big gainz or be absolute poop but I guess that could be the same for Welltrado and TravelBlock, the latter they say has a fully working system in place ready for go on when ICO hits the exchange. Again all three I have minimum investment so far. The market being down is a good thing for stuff that isn’t launched yet RIGHT? the lower it goes the more new projects could grow when it finally picks back up, what we don’t need is an absolute BOOM and then a down turn when my three new ICOS come on to the market and lose appeal !!!!! LendingBlock continues to FALL and with private investors due bonus tokens on 18th June they could go deeper into the RED !!! my biggest investment threw Keith’s Pool, $730 the great thing and what I’ve learned in a very short time is that whatever people say about going  BALLS IN forget that you need a backup fund for COST AVERAGING. LendingBlock has no platform for trading it raised the funds with an alpha project and is building the real deal as I type. price Is down from 2c to 1.4c it did hit 4c god IF I HAD CRYSTAL BALL I COULD HAVE SOLD AND BOUGHT BACK AND BEEN QUIDS IN !!!  the beauty of crypto will it MOON (hate lambo and moon talk) just want a return on investment to set up another with out feeling drained from contest drops LOL

Anyway long term projects and finally I’m learning to #Hodl #Hold and be patient…

Update we finally got a message from them, I’ll copy n paste it sit has a planned down time 21st May till 26th May (5 days)



Important Update from minelend (finally an email) 

Dear Minelend Users,

Our site has been bombarded with more and more attacks by hackers over the last week. The most recent hack was aimed at our Hosting Provider and the perpetrators managed to take control of our root access including website, email and file management/ftp passwords. This meant that we have been unable to access our admin backend and our email accounts. We can confirm that today, we have now regained control.

We have hired a new security consultant who has advised us to move our site, emails and hosting to another provider to ensure this doesnt happen again. To get back up and running as soon as possible, we have decided to implement this change immediately. As such, our website, dashboard and emails will be offline during this transition, while we reinstall and virus check our whole filesystem. Once we have completed this move, normal service will be resumed as quickly as humanly possible. We expect the whole move to take 3-5 working days to complete, as we have to send our encrypted backups to an external company to be throughly checked for viruses, backdoors and malware.

We can understand the frustration of our users as this has impacted our already backlogged withdrawal and deposit workload. As you can understand, with a compromised backend, we couldnt risk processing the remaining withdrawals until we could ensure that no wallet information had been changed. We can only apologise sincerely for all the inconvenience caused and we will be expediting all outstanding withdrawals as soon as our site has been moved over. To ensure the quickest possible solution, we will be clearing the current withdrawal queue once we migrate, so that users can re-enter their correct withdrawal details. With a clean and virus-free installation of our backend, we can revert back to our automated withdrawal systems and all requests will be processed within 24 hours as before.

Rest assured, all interest calculations have been taken into account and no loss of revenue will occur during this transition.

We are terribly sorry for any concern caused and as an apology to all our customers, we will be adding a 5% bonus to all users with an active balance as soon as we are up and running again.

Kind Regards,


Actually better news than it was over the last week when we thought YES this is a scam, money is lost, market is down it’s all doom and gloom to top it OFF my golf was rubbish at the weekend so life is on a massive downer 😦 #GetaGripMan

That is all remove yourself from shillers Like Ballina and youtube influencers, they only mention stuff to pump it up !!! there not your friends they make money from SHILLING products, its a marketing world #SELLSELLSELL

Coinbase BTC address #InTheKnow

May 19, 2018 Leave a comment

Sharing is caring, coinbase address will be attached to your account forever according to there support page, which is good as I need to set up a solid transfer from #CloudMining to avoid being hacked. I can use Blockchain address but CHARGES are steep compared to GDAX and there free service (Coinbase charge remember that)


Just some valuable info you might need in the future. just need to pray for some investments to come good 🙂 one is doubtful (I already knew when I invested, and probably if you read this blog you know already)


Stay safe all, there are so many scams and it’s correct if they seem to good to be true they pretty much ARE !!!!!!!!!!

Investing in MINELEND.COM worrying issues

May 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Finally the online companies house info is up for viewing and things don’t feel 100% for me the picture of the two directors is FAKE, they don’t use there 2nd names but they are listed on CH HERE 

This search has all been after many people have no received withdrawals for around 8-10 days, how many more who knows there social media is none existent mainly to stop the spread of issues rather than being hacked as they say in there newsletter.

Two directors Stephen Mee and Desmond O’Callaghan listed on CH is registered as CRYPTO COIN MINING SOLUTIONS LIMITED the faces behind the project HERE and HERE

No sign of Matt Childs the guy who is running the project for the two directors.


It could be a technical error and all is well but when customer support is lacking and media attention is none existent you start to worry about your investment. Were only 5-6 weeks in and if were struggling already, signs are very bad.

This is for info only I’m in no way accusing anybody of foul play at this point, let’s hope it works out. My advice at this stage “Stay clear” join the TELGRAM chat for honest user feedback (it might be harsh as people are not getting funds)


please comment and like if you find this info helpful, and if your involved in Minelend in anyway reply or join telegram, we need to be informed and updated.


stay SAFE

Crypto exchanges #HiddenFees #InTheKnow

May 12, 2018 Leave a comment

Good deals low fee’s then your hit with the WITHDRAWAL fee, some are low some are free but let’s be honest it’s a scam really? they never charge you to deposit as they want your business yet they don’t wan’t you removing your funds for FREE.

Building a list 12th May 2018 onwards !!

  • Idex – actually unsure at this time they state 0.04th min withdraw but FEE?? FAQ
  • DDEX FEES HERE nice system as you just pair your MetaMask wallet over transferring TOKENS! downside not much action for #Lendingblock $7 ??
  • HitBTC – not a fan pretty average experience so far
  • Coinbase expensive but use GDAX there FREE all good, Revolut banking app FREE
  • KuCoin
  • Nebula
  • Biffinex
  • a month in

May 9, 2018 1 comment

It all started on In April, Bitcoin was flat on it’s arse and Minelend popped up, 1% upwards seemed too good to be true. but a month on (see pic figures don’t lie)

Screenshot (32)

Being a super cautious investor I was tempted to invest more but your never sure on these projects, all I can say a month in DAM I’ve missed out on a solid investment. Which is good as originally I was only going to invest $210 and 4 days later added $502 @ 1.2%

Gary at SX was right looks a good project and even tho PBO have tried to call it a scam and delete youtube replies asking how it’s a scam. We seem to be running smoothly.

I’ll add the May newsletter from Minelend

Screenshot (33)

This is not financial advice, It’s worth a go sign up and see where it leads. All ICO’s start somewhere could this be one of those projects that takes off ?? share your thoughts

Come share your thoughts on TELEGRAM channel CHAT – @MinelendCRYPTOUnOfficialInfo CRYPTO UnOfficialInfo HERE

Save investing all, give us a like if this helped out, comment if you have a question or visit the telegram site if your having issues. we need to build a community and stay together.