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Removing trackpad from ASUS S300

February 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Easiest fastest way is to enter BIOS – restart and press ESC and then diable internal pointer, forget disabling drivers etc it doesn’t work, well for me

So much easier this way and easy to reverese if required by simply doing it all again but re-enable it.

Lifes made easy

Asus S300 has been great since I upgraded the HDD to SSD but the trackpad went mental so wireless mouse is back in action.


Always looking for a better system trialling a lightweight LINUX

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Been using ubuntu 12.04 lts for a few weeks works nice and with the workaround for usenext all is good but ive seen a few on XDA using arch linux so ive got to as usual jump in and have a go, back soon with full write up on how it goes

guide HERE  and install guide HERE 

and this guy has written a decent piece on it all HERE

Macpuppy – FORUM HERE

puppy linux usb install

Reformat the usb with Puppy >> GParted…to Fat32.

Don’t format your hard drive by mistake.

Check the Flags with GParted….

Did you set the Flags ..>>>LBA and Boot