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Removing trackpad from ASUS S300

February 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Easiest fastest way is to enter BIOS – restart and press ESC and then diable internal pointer, forget disabling drivers etc it doesn’t work, well for me

So much easier this way and easy to reverese if required by simply doing it all again but re-enable it.

Lifes made easy

Asus S300 has been great since I upgraded the HDD to SSD but the trackpad went mental so wireless mouse is back in action.


Replaced the Asus internal WiFi link

April 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Asus S300 comes with a azure wave aw-nb126h IEEE 802.11 b/g/n BT combo pcie minicard

That doesn’t pick up 5ghz signal, so removed it very very simple job for a spare Intel 5100 that does



Essential only apps Windows 10 evaluation (March 2015)

March 23, 2015 Leave a comment

One thing I hate is unwanted programs especially ones I never use taking up space whether there good or bad

My 13 apps needed March 2015 the rest get BINNED

Windows movie maker (not the best but it works for me and what I need PLUS side its free)

Acestream vlc (this is a must but you need firefox to make it work)

Bonjour (this makes the tablet remote work with KODI, no install no remote)

Garmin Virb edit (add the speed/power overlay onto video’s, needed till SHIMANO GET THERE LAUNCHED)

Google Chrome (works for me)

Firefox (needed for Acestream)

Java (needed for some website still 😦

KODI (XBMC media players a bit like netflix but free so better)

Libre office (why pay for MS word or excel when these guys do it free and better ??)

Mediatek drivers for the N speed dongle (no drivers no action/speed)

Quicktime (needed for kodi stuff)

VLC player (acestream is the same really but tweaked for ACESTREAM links)

So that’s my current top 13 programs / apps I need the rest get binned, can’t wait for the new SSD to arrive I hope it so fast it makes the computer sing 🙂