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Foscam update – new ISP VIRGIN MEDIA SETUP !!

March 11, 2015 Leave a comment

The original BT setup can be found here for homehub 4 after 18 months I’ve moved to Virgin Media 100mb service for at least 12 months. (BT setup here)

First thing to do is enter your VM setup on your browser – and enter your password and pin (found at the bottom of your router)

Then head to advanced settings and port forwarding (as with BT setup you need to know the IP addy of the camera as your goning to add a new rule to allow it access to the router)

My IP addy is: wired and wireless

Ipcamera tool software HERE ( get it first you need it to find out the camera’s IP addy GET IT OR YOUR GOING TO FAIL)


*********Follow these steps **********

Step 1: double click on the camera when it shows up with IP camera tool

Step 2: click on server push mode

Step 3: device management

Step 4: Wireless LAN

Step 5: scan for router (makes sure your wps is active just incase eg: press button it allows access flashes different colour

Step 6: select router

Step 7 enter password and save – router reboots

Step 8: rerun IPCAMERA setup to make sure its the same IP addy (you will need this for android apps like TINYCAM Monitor pro)

Step 9: access from google chrome (ip and port forward info) enter user and pass good to go !!!

Step 10: see your little monkey performing at the comfort of your armchair

has this helped give us a LIKE or leave some feedback I’ve tried to make it plain and simple to follow, did I miss something ? please leave your feedback always welcome


FOSCAM F18910W setup and stuff

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Ipcam arrived from gadgetpreakz via DHL (yes wait all day service not timed like DPD) anyway its here, very easy to get started im usiing chrome and windows 8 connect it to the router via the supplied cable and your away !! camera working nicely

next step is wireless setup – yet to sort that yet manual isn’t great maybe (ill today) i should leave my brain to gain some life and start again (20th Dec)

forum for Foscam might be the start area HERE issue’s with connecting wireless HERE

this is a good read FOSCAM PRO GUIDE HERE

CONNECTING your BT home hub 4 to your FOSCAM (Sept 2013) – get the IP Camera tool software either from DISC / or Download

run it and get your IP address and enter the password info after you scan for devices – the rest simply follow the instructions

I didn’t need to do any of the stuff in the vids but worth putting up for reference

youtube vids HERE another vid HERE

http://bthomehub.home to enter your HUB – if you enter advanced settings you need the admin 8 digit key to get any further (use the card supplied with the hub)