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Shimano sports camera editor software – Shimano CM1000

June 13, 2015 Leave a comment

Ha Shimano you really have wasted your time if that’s the best you can offer

Garmin virb edit far superior and even movie maker runs faster, not had great success with dashware (seems very slow might give it another go soon)

A real shame I wanted something to sync all my add on’s like power, cadence and position without draggin and so on and converting to use virb edit !

maybe an update they can get it right ??????


Dashware v Virb edit by garmin (March 2015)

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Bonus DASHWARE LAUNCHED  there free software on the 23rd February 2015, super news having never tried it 🙂 mainly due the purchase of the Shimano camera and them taking it down for a while to new users.

anyway how good is it compared to VIRB EDIT ?? speed and features well I’m going to find out with a quick 6min video test on the same laptop. let one finish it build EG create a video and time the both.

I’ll add dashware is a bonus for us Shimano CM1000 users as you can use the video straight from the camera where as virb edit you need an MP4 converter not a problem WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER (WMM) can do that but its slow !!!

Dashware TEST first use (It can’t be this bad can it ?? ) 5mins46 video with 2 added overlays time to build 1hr11m

Virb Edit same video 29m39s I thought dashware might be the answer to speedier add on’s but doesn’t look the case even with WMM making a .mov a .mp4

Video size: 858,624kbs only