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LAN settings greyed out #FIX

August 23, 2017 Leave a comment

Google chrome pops up with unable to get proxy settings and won’t connect to the internet possible FIX! let me know if it helps 🙂

Windows 10 use Cortina search bar type RUN (Desktop app)

step 1. run regedit

step 2. go to HKEY_Local_Machince >software>policies>microsoft>internet explorer> control panel
right click on “connection settingsMODIFY and change the number 1 to “0”

step 3. no go again to HKEY_Local_Machince >software>policies>microsoft> windows > currentversion
right click on “proxy settings per user” MODIFY and change the number 0 to “1”

click OK and go back to chrome settings advanced proxy settings and see if the LAN box is now accessible.



Lubuntu black screen issue on 13.10 after upgrade

May 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi all upgraded from the original 12.?? version to 13.04 and last night had a little tinker and did the upgrade via terminal (1st time I’ve upgraded that way, previous was through the software center) all went well and installed after a while downloading.

Only issue is you can’t really see the timescale the install is going to take via terminal where you can on SC, so fired it up and BOOM issue no screen infact just a black screen. at 10.30pm its not the best time to get an upgrade issue (sleepless nights hey)

So at 5 o’clock I dug my trusty Lubuntu 12 out and reinstalled it all over again (FIXED)

So I started looking at what’s next to try, a quick google and I found this write up HERE with links to the best 6 for 2014

going really retro and installing AntiX 13.2 x 64 bit

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Windows 8 & 8.1 install mind field

April 7, 2014 Leave a comment

I bought a legit copy of the new windows 8 on my asus S300c laptop but after about  a month I binned it for lubuntu (LINUX) my old motac mini is running a copy of win 7 (Not legit but I’d like to become legit) but microsoft don’t make it easy do they. why can’t we just install a download copy from MS and install over the win 7 enter the key and bingo everyone is paying for what they using !!!!

NO its not that simple is it – somebody said use these keys HERE but that gives the error not for retail copy ! my key doesn’t work (even tho its paid for)

Why do we need to result in using hacks and stuff for stuff I own you ASK ? MS are sh1ts – GHACKS HERE

still no real fix April 2014

Lubuntu – hints and tips (problem solving)

January 20, 2014 Leave a comment

A few days in Lubuntu is pretty good, nothing fancy design wise but practical and pretty slick not as slick as BODHI but it works. 

as normal we get the standard issues, HDMI volume has no easy panel like mint 15 (eg right click on volume when plugged in and select hdmi) you need to enter the depths of the gnome player to alter the hdmi sound output (easy but you need to find it as always) 

the next I somehow removed the main menu mystery but hey ho very very easy fix (right click then advanced you get the option to show menus by windows manager tick the box and move on) OK so having done that right click enter terminal and enter this lxpanelctl restart and bingo the menu is back and we can move on. 

booting up could be quicker if I’m being honest 


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No success with Bodhi with WIFI so Lubuntu

January 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Lubuntu is fast very fast but also very basic in style, but functional things just open FAST 🙂 wifi signal issue that could’nt be cured with the fix a few posts below and an afternoon google searching is already 79% rather than 25% we had with bodhi the ath9k fault is common its not bodhi’s fault.

so the asus is fast at last we moved from windows 8 OMG that’s plain crap to linux mint 15 better but not what were after.

onwards to a faster system hopefully

Bluetooth issues with MINT 14.1 (Linux)

March 9, 2013 Leave a comment

trust mouse stopped working on Mint 13 so updated to mint 14 still the same but i’m getting the same issue as HERE

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Issue with Windows 8 so far

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Moving on a few days in, the interface is ok and im generally happy with the OS

the trust mouse is still not working and the Garmin FR70 is struggling to pair with the ANT + stick, ive downloaded most of the files but pairing is an issue a bit like the bluetooth mouse

so we move on see what happens

garmin files HERE garmin installed fine after a little play with settings on the other hand im back again 3rd November looking for the fix i guess they will have it sorted by the releaase versions some info HERE 

info here it works on the 370 mini card FINALLY success

Go to (ok its lenovo but it works)

Download & install “Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 Driver”

current driver is = 6.2.9200.16420 (21.06.06)  finally got it updated to the latest driver after some messing and searching 2.2.12 ‘~


TRIAL OVER: verdict for me windows 8 is a step up from 7 but not worth the money over LINUX for me at this stage, only downside you can’t upgrade from the trial version you need to re install (eg clean install) MINT 13 MAYA back on the laptop for a bit 🙂 onwards to 2013

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