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Video editing software for windows 8 (other than Movie Maker)

January 17, 2015 Leave a comment

Gday all

first thing I would say is I’m in no way knocking windows movie maker, but maybe its worth taking a look at what’s out there so today I installed Lightworks which is highly recommended by many on the GOOGLE.

One issue I’ve had with WMM is that it crashes when put under load “yet to find out why” actually had issues with video that’s filmed with the camera turned on its side ???? LightWorks has the option to ROTATE ?? yet to find it “well its not easy to find”

AvideMux is another option but I get error after saving the file “getting a bit boring”

So I’ve found a quick sure for the pain in the arse WMM error / transcode shut down

File – options – advanced and then unclick file prep (prepare files for faster etc etc) should stop the errors but its not the proper cure as yet !!!!!!!

anyway saved as MP4 and it looks OK very slow but it works less hassle then using stuff I don’t need really

Get this error google the easy fix