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Windows 8.1 update boot loop – fix,cure & error

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Funny things happen I was thinking to myself maybe I was harsh wiping windows 8 OEM off my new Asus S300 after a few weeks. 💻

And after months using various Linux distro’s I popped back and installed 8.1 all was going well TILL last nights shutdown update (cheers ms)

So the boot loop FIX !!! get into recovery etc

Hold shift and power up you get options to work with !!!!

I use safe mode with networking and then head straight for the control panel on start up

As always this is where windows let’s itself down big time, I use the restore point from yesterday “remember all that’s happened is a windows update I’ve installed nothing”


I’m sitting here going through multiple reboots 4 in total I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got a BIOS passkey to input every time so need to watch it lol