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Windows 10 technical preview – A step in the right direction !!!

January 29, 2015 Leave a comment

After 62 days using windows 8.1 I’m starting to feel windows might be a lot better than it ever was, windows vista and 7 never really did it for me so when I got the new laptop I just removed it after about 2 weeks.

windows 8 was for me slow my new laptop just lagged (I hate lag) So i dived back in with windows 8.1 enterprise and using windows without the app store add on (that’s slow to load news etc) I’ve grown to it.

So yesterday I install via USB thumb drive WINDOWS 10 technical preview its so easy and worth a try for sure, the start menu is back “great news” and its fast & simple.

Get yourself over to the technet evaluation centre for a trial of windows 10, the next step I hope MICROSOFT do the right thing and get people on board with free OS seeing as even apple have gone free in there latest version yosemite

there you go nice work MS