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Reliable cheap streaming for sports

June 11, 2016 2 comments

Update Oct 16

For a while we hit the perfect supplier in future streams until the 18th May 2016 when it all went tits up big time, hardly a day has passed without an issue, which is a shame but I guess ripping off the big boys somethings going to go a miss !!

Kodi is a wash of free streams mostly real poor quality, DC sports is nice but I can’t get it to work for more than 20 secs at a  time.

So the hunt is on for yet another IPTV supplier who is cheap enough again like £6.50 a month cheap.

As a back up I’ve reinstalled Torrent stream controller just for the test cricket, I spent today clicking away all day, UK Turks, Zem TV, Dc sports but nothing held up until sports mix, sadly a rubbish sd picture.

So the next list IPTV

R2V2 is an option find them on FB I’ve trialed the IviewHD package for 3 days and its fast, reliable and an excellent picture with EPG and plenty of channel options @ £11 a month !!

They also offer Light streams not sure on price at the mo but its the same set up as Future streams

Update: Elite streams some of the breakaway from fs has been solid and @ £30 for six months a bargain for full IPTV 👍👍 👌👌 💰 #Value 


One excellent blog worth a read Seo-Michael

May 15, 2015 Leave a comment

No point re writing this all up this guy has done a super job himself I’ll just share the link

if you want sport and you need info on installing repo’s etc this is the real deal its really not worth trying to add anything as its FULL of info !!