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Garmin 1000 issue with start & lap buttons

January 5, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve been impressed with the upgrade from Garmin 500 to Garmin 1000 until Saturday I rode around Cannock Chase and the mapping was excellent and everything was cool working as it should OK the battery is pants compared to the 500 but its running a lot more info so expected.

So the issue it wouldn’t stop or turn off, it kept giving me the locked screen option and then go back to current ride the stop buttons just don’t have any feel to them, finally the next day after a hard press it came back to life !!! But I’m not happy seeing as this a flagship unit at £500 UK pounds !

my initial 3-4 week test not sure this is going to last the course there build quality seems off on this unit, I hope that’s not the case.

Currently decided to lock itself in TEST mode – I await the cure (post back soon)  hold the power button down and after 3-4 attempts it cured itself again, to get access hold power and right start button ! no option to leave tho ???

WIFI set up not through device but garmin express whilst connected via USB (not the app)