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Installing Mac OSX on your Asus S300CA (avoid the errors & hassle)

November 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi all I had the bright idea to install Mac OSX maverick after reading it can be done, I’ve always wondered how the system compared to windows and my current favourite ubuntu. But as you all know ubuntu isn’t catered¬† for in the real world I mean nothing you need from the big boys is supported full stop and not many work around’s its fine for general work and browsing.

I wondered if OSX would work – follow the hassle and ups and downs of the install and links to helpful places

download the ISO file not the DMG file for use with virtual box HACKINTOSH SITE IS BEST LINK UP SOON

my first install stuck at 6 mins and the status bar hung, so I delete it all and started again. Take into account the settings needed to install with VB and you need to de-select certain options not compatible with VB

next try It took AGES i MEAN AGES the status bar and time really mean nothing on this install and to be fair anything apple takes forever “be warned” it installed and my mouse is glitchy but so far so good were at the log in screen username and password ūüôā

Log in: root Password: niresh (mine doesn’t offer the sign up section on many tutorials thus confusing and plenty of reading later its not highlighted which it will be HERE :-0 AND PICTURES !!!

ETHERNET ISSUES:  AR8161/8165 pci-e gigabit ethernet controller FIX soon (no internet argh)

So after 3-4 reboots and fixes many fixed permissions even the WIFI started working MYSTERY LOL  Рups and down it runs but its not great, brilliant effort but not a daily user more an experiment

I love searching google and forums, so many people ask for advice and then the topic gets a SOLVED badge (yet nobody every comes back and offers anything on the side of the fix ??) its been an adventure and worth doing mac for me Isn’t that much away from Ubuntu !

This worked on my Asus S300CA – I3-2365m 1.4ghz x 4 64 bit 488gb ram available – I gave VB 40 for OSX I hope I’ve not missed anything major HACKINTOSH forum has everything you need to download and Macbreaker HERE

On my search I never found the ubuntu install tut I just winged it with windows ūüôā it


Always looking for a better system trialling a lightweight LINUX

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Been using ubuntu 12.04 lts for a few weeks works nice and with the workaround for usenext all is good but ive seen a few on XDA using arch linux so ive got to as usual jump in and have a go, back soon with full write up on how it goes

guide HERE  and install guide HERE 

and this guy has written a decent piece on it all HERE

Macpuppy – FORUM HERE

puppy linux usb install

Reformat the usb with Puppy >> GParted…to Fat32.

Don’t format your hard drive by mistake.

Check the Flags with GParted….

Did you set the Flags ..>>>LBA and Boot

USENEXT 5.27 deb install on Ubuntu 12.04

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

May 2014 Lubuntu 14.04 LTS – download from usenext site for ubuntu/debian etc – and install via package installed (eg double click on downloaded file in the folder


UPDATE: Dec 2012 РMINT 13 MAYA (mate 32 bit) usenext installs from clients software without any mods (easy life)

and MINT 15 has no issues either as is the case with LUBUNTU 

** old news **

If your a fan and like newsgroups and you use the latest Ubuntu 12.04¬†(sept 2012) the deb file installs but won’t launch and doesn’t seem to be anything around to fix the issue

Open Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) then #SU (for superuser) password etc – type – sudo apt-get build-dep monodevelop and let it do its thing (takes about 10 mins) install usenext from the software download (TANGYSOFT via

to launch type this –¬†exec mono –runtime=v4.0 /usr/lib/usenext/UseNeXTLauncher.exe “$@”

works fine might not for some its only a tip do it at your own risk

Dec 2012 – MINT 13 MAYA (mate 32 bit) usenext installs from clients software without any mods (easy life)

Upgraded again to Ubuntu 11.10 see if its moved on

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Feb 17th having another bash at Ubuntu 11.10 – usenext doesn’t work and my dell studio 1737 touchpad keys don’t work

using control + V for pasting (remember that useful)

Ubuntu 11.10 shortcut options page here

Back again to ubuntu 11.04 (16th December 2011)

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Had a play last view days with various distro’s so decided to go back to UBUNTU 11.04 not the latest 11.10 (can’t be arsed with glitchy not fully working OS problems)

the main things to do Ubuntu tweaks is a must youtube have a decent video to view here

and another USENEXT works as it should which is must for any new newsgroups i need in th future don’t fancy booting up the Zotac with win7 just for Movies etc

Ubuntu 10.10 (make the change bin Windows 7 etc)

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

My tip of the day forget spending £100 on Windows 7 or XP, vista get Ubuntu installed for FREE

Why its free (click me)

ubuntu is as easy to install as windows ive been using it for ages and with great success !!

Software to install via Ubuntu software centre (again free)

  • Kolour Paint
  • Open Office (word, excel etc again not charge and easy to convert microsoft files)
  • vlc player
  • Wine (installs plenty of windows programs except Sky player as it uses silverlight by MS)