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Coinbase BTC address #InTheKnow

May 19, 2018 Leave a comment

Sharing is caring, coinbase address will be attached to your account forever according to there support page, which is good as I need to set up a solid transfer from #CloudMining to avoid being hacked. I can use Blockchain address but CHARGES are steep compared to GDAX and there free service (Coinbase charge remember that)


Just some valuable info you might need in the future. just need to pray for some investments to come good 🙂 one is doubtful (I already knew when I invested, and probably if you read this blog you know already)


Stay safe all, there are so many scams and it’s correct if they seem to good to be true they pretty much ARE !!!!!!!!!!


Investing in MINELEND.COM worrying issues

May 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Finally the online companies house info is up for viewing and things don’t feel 100% for me the picture of the two directors is FAKE, they don’t use there 2nd names but they are listed on CH HERE 

This search has all been after many people have no received withdrawals for around 8-10 days, how many more who knows there social media is none existent mainly to stop the spread of issues rather than being hacked as they say in there newsletter.

Two directors Stephen Mee and Desmond O’Callaghan listed on CH is registered as CRYPTO COIN MINING SOLUTIONS LIMITED the faces behind the project HERE and HERE

No sign of Matt Childs the guy who is running the project for the two directors.


It could be a technical error and all is well but when customer support is lacking and media attention is none existent you start to worry about your investment. Were only 5-6 weeks in and if were struggling already, signs are very bad.

This is for info only I’m in no way accusing anybody of foul play at this point, let’s hope it works out. My advice at this stage “Stay clear” join the TELGRAM chat for honest user feedback (it might be harsh as people are not getting funds)


please comment and like if you find this info helpful, and if your involved in Minelend in anyway reply or join telegram, we need to be informed and updated.


stay SAFE

Crypto exchanges #HiddenFees #InTheKnow

May 12, 2018 Leave a comment

Good deals low fee’s then your hit with the WITHDRAWAL fee, some are low some are free but let’s be honest it’s a scam really? they never charge you to deposit as they want your business yet they don’t wan’t you removing your funds for FREE.

Building a list 12th May 2018 onwards !!

  • Idex – actually unsure at this time they state 0.04th min withdraw but FEE?? FAQ
  • DDEX FEES HERE nice system as you just pair your MetaMask wallet over transferring TOKENS! downside not much action for #Lendingblock $7 ??
  • HitBTC – not a fan pretty average experience so far
  • Coinbase expensive but use GDAX there FREE all good, Revolut banking app FREE
  • KuCoin
  • Nebula
  • Biffinex
  • a month in

May 9, 2018 Leave a comment

It all started on In April, Bitcoin was flat on it’s arse and Minelend popped up, 1% upwards seemed too good to be true. but a month on (see pic figures don’t lie)

Screenshot (32)

Being a super cautious investor I was tempted to invest more but your never sure on these projects, all I can say a month in DAM I’ve missed out on a solid investment. Which is good as originally I was only going to invest $210 and 4 days later added $502 @ 1.2%

Gary at SX was right looks a good project and even tho PBO have tried to call it a scam and delete youtube replies asking how it’s a scam. We seem to be running smoothly.

I’ll add the May newsletter from Minelend

Screenshot (33)

This is not financial advice, It’s worth a go sign up and see where it leads. All ICO’s start somewhere could this be one of those projects that takes off ?? share your thoughts

Come share your thoughts on TELEGRAM channel CHAT – @MinelendCRYPTOUnOfficialInfo CRYPTO UnOfficialInfo HERE

Save investing all, give us a like if this helped out, comment if you have a question or visit the telegram site if your having issues. we need to build a community and stay together. Cryto investment on TELEGRAM chat

May 4, 2018 Leave a comment

Morning all crypto lovers, Bitcoin flying along with an impressive Ethereum.

Minelend don’t do social media no idea why, pretty suspect with no real support in my eyes, other than a pop up chat window. no notification of downtime etc or possible hacks or attacks.

I’ve set up a chat @ TELEGRAM – Minelend.comUnOfficialInfo ( Crypto)

If you have invested and have something to share please join and share your info and thoughts on the project. stick together just in case anything in the future arises


sharing is caring, bitcoin up €3000 kinda wish I’d kept it in there instead OH WELL 2nd withdrawal #CryptoInvestor

May 2, 2018 Leave a comment

Right quick update I did my 2nd withdrawal from MINELEND yesterday around 10am, and then the site was ATTACKED?? and I couldn’t log in around $121 made after last withdrawal. So they take the 2% fee and leaves around $119. I sent my bitcoin gains to COINBASE address and ended up with €91 and BTC 0.0120 so around $109 OK the site went down but was the exchange $10 different in a day?? I think not DID coinbase skim the deposit BTC? I’m not sure as all I see is $$$ on the dashboard.

So yes I got money back and I’m still around $545 till I break even about 70 days then hopefully we start to see some profit from the scheme. personally, I’ll take a few $100 dollars and reinvest the profits and PRAY it continues to pay out and grow.


If you search you really don’t get much info about the project and let’s be honest any future ICO needs to be well marketed or it’s going to fail. You need people to fall in love with the PROJECT. I’m hoping this is still early days and their just building for the future and it’s become’s a bit more refined and usable. Maybe a few updates would be great.

Like and follow for future MINELEND updates, I don’t get paid and I’ve not yet signed anyone up on a referral, Not sure I even want that to be honest.

Like before it looks good, too good I hope its fully legit

I see Keith Wareing on YOUTUBE has put out Modern Finance Chain MFC reading there whitepaper, looks interesting I’ve done the Know your customer (KYC) and I’m going to invest the minimal and see where it goes in the future.

Not a lot other than that going on, not putting anything more into APOLLOCURRENCY APL doesn’t do it for me, very slow uptake on tokens and price increase to $0.005 means bare minimum is $250 over original $100 x5 already ??

Any info on MINELEND please share, have you had ISSUES??

Liking the slow growth early #LendingBlock #Crypto

April 27, 2018 Leave a comment

So this Wednesday gone LendingBlock ICO launched in IDEX exchange, and what’s refreshing so far is that people are using a poor exchange and the price is building steadily, for me that’s great #gainzz are great but with crypto being so volatile it’s nice to see your investment grow in a calm manner.

Hopefully the fresh bonuses due in a few weeks won’t upset the apple cart and the projet continues to build into a strong holding, a bit like M&S in the day. supplied chart of bonuses they are giving out and at what time frame you bought in at.


Were we sit today, project started @ $0.02 per token #ERC20 #Ethereum


Where will it go? as always nobody can say but it’s not overly hyped and it’s not yet on coinmarketcap or a decent exchance, if it hits either of them it should balloon quickly #GrowYourFunds CMC is $420 billion today 27/4/18 growing steadily itself. Which on the whole is a positive sign Bitcoin only has a 37.6% dominance #AltCoins are growing.

Next up is the Apollo project, it’s kind of stuck at 38% and $0.003 a share / token / coin

Project is being pumped by TopTechServices on youtube 3 videos a day, he gets paid to spread the word guys, so he has nothing but good for them. Will it be big no idea I have $100 just incase it goes mental and reaches $1 a coin. $55,000 reall for a $100 input.

Shout out for some common sense CryptoSpark on youtube follow him, has a lot to talk about and it makes total sense.

Right I’m in HODL mode at present, come on LND build me a nice pot of gold 🙂

Stay safe all no financial advice given here just ramblings of an honest man, one that doesn’t get paid to spread the word via the interweb #GasMonkeys 🙂

To the MOON well the shop I need some supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!