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Installing Mac OSX on your Asus S300CA (avoid the errors & hassle)

November 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi all I had the bright idea to install Mac OSX maverick after reading it can be done, I’ve always wondered how the system compared to windows and my current favourite ubuntu. But as you all know ubuntu isn’t catered  for in the real world I mean nothing you need from the big boys is supported full stop and not many work around’s its fine for general work and browsing.

I wondered if OSX would work – follow the hassle and ups and downs of the install and links to helpful places

download the ISO file not the DMG file for use with virtual box HACKINTOSH SITE IS BEST LINK UP SOON

my first install stuck at 6 mins and the status bar hung, so I delete it all and started again. Take into account the settings needed to install with VB and you need to de-select certain options not compatible with VB

next try It took AGES i MEAN AGES the status bar and time really mean nothing on this install and to be fair anything apple takes forever “be warned” it installed and my mouse is glitchy but so far so good were at the log in screen username and password 🙂

Log in: root Password: niresh (mine doesn’t offer the sign up section on many tutorials thus confusing and plenty of reading later its not highlighted which it will be HERE :-0 AND PICTURES !!!

ETHERNET ISSUES:  AR8161/8165 pci-e gigabit ethernet controller FIX soon (no internet argh)

So after 3-4 reboots and fixes many fixed permissions even the WIFI started working MYSTERY LOL  – ups and down it runs but its not great, brilliant effort but not a daily user more an experiment

I love searching google and forums, so many people ask for advice and then the topic gets a SOLVED badge (yet nobody every comes back and offers anything on the side of the fix ??) its been an adventure and worth doing mac for me Isn’t that much away from Ubuntu !

This worked on my Asus S300CA – I3-2365m 1.4ghz x 4 64 bit 488gb ram available – I gave VB 40 for OSX I hope I’ve not missed anything major HACKINTOSH forum has everything you need to download and Macbreaker HERE

On my search I never found the ubuntu install tut I just winged it with windows 🙂 it


Installing Virtual Box on ubuntu 12.04 (very useful)

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

My current newsgroup won’t load so im using virtual box to install the software eg ubuntu 10.04 that it works with

tips here

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