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Xbmc favoured Linux – xbmcbuntu

October 6, 2014 Leave a comment

More xbmc messing this time a new OS in xbmcbuntu download from

Use your favourite USB boot loader unetbootin or startup disc creator

Installing it on the zotac today sound issue cured with use of the veho 360 into headset jack

**** HDMI sound issues continue with ubuntu flavoured installs, but we have sound so no drama *****


Making use of a redundant computer and making it work better thanks xbmcbuntu

Installing fusion with picture guide rather than a crappy YouTube video go to this site –


Best Linux option for zotac mag HD-ND01 (mag mini)

October 2, 2014 3 comments

Thought I’d share this as Ubuntu 14.04 has given me issues today – black screen and no options. The USB stick is fine just installed it the other day on my Asus s300 that’s running great

So options stay tuned this is live as I type #drama #shouldbeafivesecondjob #hassle

It was running windows 7 but that’s so slow