Removing trackpad from ASUS S300

February 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Easiest fastest way is to enter BIOS – restart and press ESC and then diable internal pointer, forget disabling drivers etc it doesn’t work, well for me

So much easier this way and easy to reverese if required by simply doing it all again but re-enable it.

Lifes made easy

Asus S300 has been great since I upgraded the HDD to SSD but the trackpad went mental so wireless mouse is back in action.


Remove 3d paint from windows

January 18, 2017 Leave a comment

MS installed it I hate it, they take away what you know and give you something you don’t need

link here or use this method here method 3 for me worked the rest did not

Sound bar or sound base on old tv’s #Upgrade

November 1, 2016 Leave a comment

We own a 6 year old LG 37″ lg5000 TV OK it’s not the newest or very flashy but it works, its fairly slim and fits the room just right, anything bigger would be over kill !!

The sound is lousy these days with loads of reverb and bad echo so what’s the option the BIN ?? or a new sound bar to extend the life ??

Sound bars v sound bases !!

Samsung HWJ355 seems to be a decent budget unit but no HDMI option

We ended up buying the HDMI version as which said it was future proof and tbf it sounds just lovely !! Samsung model hw-k450 £179.99 very basey buy lovely clear voice and no more TV distortion 👍 which guide rated it 77%  money well spent in my books 💰💰

Save your old TV even tho those 4ks look amazing !!

Kodi 17 work around #FindingStuff

July 22, 2016 Leave a comment

New look of which I love !! But a few things are in different places and hard to find 🙂

So best leave it on the laptop 👍 

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Reliable cheap streaming for sports

June 11, 2016 2 comments

Update Oct 16

For a while we hit the perfect supplier in future streams until the 18th May 2016 when it all went tits up big time, hardly a day has passed without an issue, which is a shame but I guess ripping off the big boys somethings going to go a miss !!

Kodi is a wash of free streams mostly real poor quality, DC sports is nice but I can’t get it to work for more than 20 secs at a  time.

So the hunt is on for yet another IPTV supplier who is cheap enough again like £6.50 a month cheap.

As a back up I’ve reinstalled Torrent stream controller just for the test cricket, I spent today clicking away all day, UK Turks, Zem TV, Dc sports but nothing held up until sports mix, sadly a rubbish sd picture.

So the next list IPTV

R2V2 is an option find them on FB I’ve trialed the IviewHD package for 3 days and its fast, reliable and an excellent picture with EPG and plenty of channel options @ £11 a month !!

They also offer Light streams not sure on price at the mo but its the same set up as Future streams

Update: Elite streams some of the breakaway from fs has been solid and @ £30 for six months a bargain for full IPTV 👍👍 👌👌 💰 #Value 

Raspberry PI2 v Android OTT TV box ENY M8S

February 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Stay tuned Pi2 on order and up against Eny M8S OTT box (Android TV box)

Cheapest UK seller is PC world @ £25.99

Case £2.45 on ebay  the rest I  have SD card, power etc 🙂

For $40 there’s a new kid on the block also Odroid C2 looks a good spec tbf ! Review HERE


Been missing projectcypher ? cypher TV

November 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Its back and better than before

ProjectCypher is no more but CypherTV is about google it its pretty smooth, there is also a facebook site – read carefully or expect errors and fails 🙂

other good sports addons available

CCloudTV (hit and miss but free)

DexterTv (been down a lot lately due to funding)

Android free sports tv has never been better and I MEAN QUALITY WISE !!! HD STREAMS THAT ARE SOLID

Worth the investment – every penny saved for a better quality of life !